Dr. Baswaraju Swathi

Associate Professor & Head-CSE(Data Science)

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) at NHCE was established in the year 2022 and offers UG graduate program. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) have accredited the institution. The department comprises highly qualified, motivated, and experienced faculty members in the domains of Computer Science and Data Science. CSE (Data Science) is a promising program with vast potential to drive significant transformation across all sectors of the economy, ultimately enhancing societal welfare. Its versatility positions it to deeply penetrate diverse industries in India, exerting transformative influence across the board.

The CSE (Data Science) program offers a comprehensive exploration into the dynamic intersection of computer science and data science. Students engage with advanced techniques and methodologies essential for proficient data handling and interpretation. Through a combination of theoretical study and practical application, students develop a diverse skill set applicable across various industries. The curriculum prioritizes key areas such as data analysis, statistical methods, data visualization, and the implementation of data-driven solutions. Graduates emerge equipped with the expertise to address complex challenges in sectors ranging from Finance and banking, Healthcare and pharmaceuticals, Retail and e-commerce, Education and e-learning and beyond.